RDS are invoiced weekly by our carrier partners & suppliers, to enable us to vet those invoices the following week, against the information declared at the time of booking (by our customers), to ensure that what we have been invoiced, matches what we are expecting to be invoiced from our suppliers.

We then invoice our customers the following week, meaning two weeks have now passed since the original booking was placed, enabling us to pass any additional charges on the same invoice, that the original job should appear.

This also allows for our 14 day invoice query terms, to fall in line with our suppliers invoice query terms.

To summarise, bookings from our customers made in week one, we get invoiced in week two, at which point we run our invoice checks. When then invoice our customers in week three, with 14-day payment terms.

As 14 days have already passed from the booking date, our customers effectively enjoy 28-day payment terms.