Using the services of RDS Global means You are agreeing to being an authorized agent of Your company and are launching an account with RDS Global for your company. You and Your company are under the understanding that RDS Global is not a transportation company when ordering services from RDS Global. The service of transportation will not be provided directly by RDS Global but RDS Global will provide You and Your company with discounted billing when using shipping services by another Carrier or Carriers.

You are agreeing to the RDS Global Account Application terms and conditions. You are agreeing that any information provided by you in the RDS Global Account Application is true and is used with the intent of obtaining cradit. You are agreeing to allow RDS Global to investigate any references provided by You in relation to Your credit and financial responsibility when signing the RDS Global Account Application.

Your account can be terminated by RDS Global at any time, for any or no reason without any preceding notice. You are agreeing that any shipments made using the account, even if invoiced after the termination date will be paid for by You if the account is terminated.

Subject to the terms and conditions of carriers

You are agreeing that any Shipments made are under the terms and conditions of both the Carriers as well as these Terms and Conditions. You will comply with any restrictions or prohibitions of the Carrier prior to any Shipments made. You are agreeing to comply with all of the Carriers available terms and conditions which may be accessed through their website and/or air waybills or BOL. You affirm that any information provided by You to RDS Global and the Carrier is true, accurate and absolute. You are agreeing that any Shipment is prepared by Your employees who are reliable in a secure location protected from any unauthorized interference whilst being prepared, whilst stored and whilst being transported to the Carrier. You are agreeing that the shipment is correctly marked and correctly addressed in compliance with any applicable customs, import and export laws and any other regulations that may apply and that You or an authorized representative of Yours have signed the waybill.


You are agreeing that any rates given to You by RDS Global are only for You and You will not allow other companies to use said rates without any authorization from RDS Global. You are agreeing that any services provided for You by RDS Global will not be resold to another company and that You will instantly notify RDS Global if Your RDS Global account is found being used by another company. Any rates given to You by RDS Global are prone to being changed without any notice. The rates can also be changed if any characteristic of the Shipment such as weight, dimension or any other characteristic differ from what You have described when the Shipment was being processed.


You have ensured that the Shipment is packaged in a way that allows safe transportation when being handled and that the Shipment is packaged in a way which meets any requirements of the Carrier and meets the industry standards of such a good being packaged as outlined in the terms and conditions of the Carrier. You also ensure that any content of the Shipment is not damaged and is in good working order preceding the shipment. You confirm that You have not concealed any of the contents of the Shipment and have not concealed any damage that was done to the content of the Shipment before the Shipment was handed over to the Carrier or after that.

Loss or damage claims

You are agreeing that RDS Global is merely a Third Party ”bill to” and is not liable for Shipments. You are agreeing that RDS Global has not attempted to express or imply in any way that RDS Global is a Carrier, or is representing a specific Carrier.

You are agreeing that any failure in service provided, lateness of shipment, loss or any damage is managed by the Carrier that was in charge of transporting the Shipment and that RDS Global is not responsible for a Carrier’s settlement or a Carrier’s refusal to pay a claim. RDS Global is a support and technology company, not a transportation company and therefore only the Carrier can be held responsible for any service claims.


You are responsible for the arrangement of any coverage for damage or delay of shipment directly with the carrier booked using RDS Global. Any damage, loss or delay of Shipments is not the responsibility of RDS Global but is the responsibility of the Carrier. There is an option on the RDS Global website to provide a shipment warranty product however, RDS Global is not in any way obliged to provide this service. The shipment warranty product is not insurance. The shipment warranty product is a warranty for transportation services. If the shipment warranty product is selected, any terms and conditions related to the shipment warranty product will apply as shown on the RDS Global website. If You opt to not insure the Shipment, You are accepting the standard liability of the Carrier, if given by the Carrier, as is shown in their terms and conditions. You are also agreeing to accepting the decision of the Carrier, whether or not you chose insurance, as the full and final decision of your claim.

Terms and conditions

Your Shipment will be processed for customs clearance in the country of the Shipments destination by the Carrier of Your Shipment. The customs clearance procedures may vastly differ in a different country. You are agreeing that RDS Global is not responsible for any actions or delays which may occur due to customs officials.


RDS Global requires payments within 14 days from the date of your invoice. This does not apply to Duties and Taxes which must be paid immediately upon receipt of the invoice. Duties and Taxes arise up to 6 months after the invoice. Late payments may result in the reduction of any discounts you may have with RDS Global and therefore the shipment pricing may increase. Outstanding payments may result in the suspension of your account until such time as it is brought up to date including any late fees, all costs of collection and including attorney fees where applicable. Payment terms to RDS Global will not be amended because of carrier issues.

Your obligations

When booking a shipment with RDS Global it is your responsibility to ensure that all information provided is accurate, complete and accompanied by the terms of the shipment. You must agree to work with with RDS Global and the designated courier in all matters relating to your shipment.

Failure to comply with the above may result in RDS Global suspending any and all shipments until such a time as the issue is resolved. RDS Global will not be liable for any costs or losses incurred by you from delays or failed shipments, and you will be liable for any RDS Global costs or losses incurred by your fault or delay.


Make certain to be available at the parcel ready time and at the latest time of collection you have provided. Ensure clear and secure labelling is affixed to the box which is ready for the Carrier to collect. To be able to guarantee a collection, the close time selected must be at least 4:30pm or later. There must be at least 2 hours of time given as a window between the parcel ready time and closing time. Collections are predominantly made in afternoons and therefore morning collections are not guaranteed. Cut off times to book a collection vary depending on Your address location, this may further vary between carriers. Ensure to confirm with the carrier.


Some locations within the UK as well as specific Worldwide areas do not offer a guaranteed service even where specified deliveries are guaranteed. If You require assistance please contact RDS Global. When delivering to a country outside the EU, a commercial invoice is needed for customs clearance. If a commercial invoice is not provided, the parcel will be delayed or returned. Various countries differ in customs procedures. Delays are possible when items are under normal customs clearance. Additional paperwork from the receiver may be required for customs. There will be multiple attempts made in order to deliver a parcel if no one is accessible to receive said parcel. Your items may be returned after unsuccessful delivery attempts and charges may be applied.

Customer service

A full track and trace service allowing you as the user to be able to check the shipment progress can be accessed using the RDS Global online system. This falls under the responsibility of the user as RDS Global does not see individual shipments when they are processed through the system.

Please contact the RDS Global service team if you require any assistance in regard to your shipment.


You are agreeing to comply with the Carrier security restrictions and requirements when using their service to send good and materials. The only goods and materials you will send are ones you own or ones that come from You or Your company.

Dangerous goods

When shipping dangerous goods, You agree to all the terms and conditions as set out by the Carrier in regard to these items. This includes but is not limited to preparation for transport, proper packaging, ensuring that employees are properly trained and updated as well any required paperwork. Furthermore, You agree that Your employees have received adequate training in regards to handling and transporting these items and are able to present adequate certification and paperwork when necessary. In the event of a breach of any requirements specific to dangerous goods, you agree to compensate for said breach as well as ensuring that RDS Global is not held responsible for any loss or liability which may arise from the shipment or breach in question.


When a payment has been made to or has been collected by RDS Global through the use of credit card or any other automated collection process. Any invoice dispute must be addressed to RDS Global in writing and should be in accordance with your contractual or statutory rights.


The owner or licensee of any intellectual property rights in our site, as well as of any material published on it is RDS Global. Any of these works are under the protection of worldwide copyright laws and treaties and all such rights are reserved.

Limitations of liability

RDS Global is not excluded from the liability of death and personal injury which was caused by the neglectfulness of RDS Global, or the neglectfulness of any RDS Global employees, agents, subcontractors or any fraud or fraudulent falsification.

Any loss of business due to a delay, damage or loss of the shipment as well as any indirect, consequential or special loss or damage to the shipment will not be under the liability of RDS Global.


RDS Global can cancel your account immediately by providing you with written notice without limiting other rights or remedies if you commit a breach of any of the following conditions which include, a failure to provide payment on its due date, ceasing or suspending, or threatening to cease or suspend all or a substantial part of your business.

Governing law and jurisdiction

All of the these terms and conditions are under the laws of England and are under the jurisdiction of exclusively English courts.

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