Dear Customer,

We (as in RDS), help many retailers with their eCommerce deliveries, including managing the relationship with the carriers.

We are sorry that your delivery has not gone as we would have expected. Unfortunately, things sometimes go wrong and deliveries may not make it to the intended recipient.

In the rare instance that this may occur, we ask for the carrier in question to investigate, which includes them checking the couriers GPS, checking their photographic file (as the couriers are asked to take multiple photos, but the carriers only display the one) and interviewing the delivery courier, to establish with the courier what happened.

If the courier has left the item in a safe place, or indeed, with a neighbour, he/she will be asked to return the same/next day, to see whether they can help you to retrieve the item. If you haven’t already, can we ask that you check your surrounding locations and with neighbours before completing the form, as often this results in the item(s) being found.

If the item cannot be located, only then will the carrier deem the item lost. At this point we can pursue a claim with the carrier, who in turn, will require the effected recipient to complete the below form. Should you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact your retailer, with whom we’ll keep posted throughout the investigation.

Please note, for legal (GDPR) reasons, we are unable to disclose any information to anyone other than the retailer, our customer.

Denial of Receipt

Please fill out the form below.

I wish to deny receipt of the above parcel tracking number *
I can confirm that I have checked with those within my household & neighbours who may have signed or received the goods & the parcel has not been received *
I will inform you immediately if it arrives *
I agree to co-operate with the carriers Loss Prevention &/or the Police in the event of any investigation into the missing items *
I confirm this declaration is true & accurate in all respects *
I understand by making a false statement could lead to prosecution *

Signed Declaration

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