When it comes to personally defining success and purpose, few things in life give me greater satisfaction and fulfilment than seeing individuals and families realize their dreams, fulfil their potential and enjoy a quality of life, that allows them to make a difference, in the lives of others.

However we choose to define success, the all too frequent reality call reminds us time and time again it is more of a journey of self-discovery to learn from, rather than a destination to arrive at.

On this journey, seldom is it a Sunday drive down easy street, but much rather an encounter with diversions, delays, breakdowns, traffic jams and worse case, maybe even an occasional collision. These are the very times we need some sort of direction and motivation to propel us to keep moving forward, until we attain our own definition of success.

Having spent many years of my working career in the world of franchising, I have seen time and time again, lives changed for the better, as they have committed themselves to a proven, tried and tested concept.

My first experience in franchising occurred as early as 1987 while a college student in the United States. Franchising was the new “buzz” word and personal friends invested whatever they could of their life savings to board the franchise bus. Although the early days presented them with their own challenges associated with running their own business, some went on to enjoy phenomenal success, much of which is still being enjoyed by extended generations today.

Upon my return to the UK I never lost the passion for franchising, although still a very new and unproven idea at that particular time.

A few years later, a personal friend, with a brilliant flare for business, introduced me to the franchise arena in the parcel sector and realizing franchising was something I was very passionate about, particularly as I saw the impact it was having on people’s lives, I had found my place and began to enjoy a level of success very quickly.

Privileged to be part of a great team, the opportunity came to move to new pastures and a shared ownership with a much smaller business in the North of England and with zero experience themselves as franchisors, this would be a perfect fit allowing me to contribute significantly to the setup, selling, training and development of the business. One of the original founders has been an inspiration to me over many years and was very much a reason behind me making the transition.

Through working what seemed like night and day, I was fortunate enough to play an essential role in building and maintaining relationships with carrier partners, sell several franchises from very early on and bring a small, unknown entity in the North of England out of obscurity and onto the global stage with offices in the US, Australia, Singapore, Canada and throughout Western Europe.

The rapid growth also led to frequent meetings with senior decision makers within the shipping industry and I’m pleased to say, even provided opportunities for the business owners, members of their families and management team to obtain US visa’s, allowing them to live and work in the United States, all through the concept of franchising. I was later able to sell my shares back to the business and enjoy a period of personal reflection and some much needed family time.

“With over 100 Franchise sales in less than 4 years in the UK alone. Warren has transformed our small venture from a local regional operator into a multinational business, with established offices and franchisees in the UK, Europe, USA, Singapore and Australia. Without Warrens skills, expertise, vision and efforts, the business would not be in its current position of strength in the UK and International markets.”

– Andrew Jackson – Co Founder

It was during this period that I was approached by a number of entrepreneurial captains of industry, for whom I have the greatest respect and who have since become personal friends and mentors, who presented me with a number of very generous offers to franchise their business within the industry. I politely declined and continued my search for the right opportunity, with the right business partner, to be able to create something special.

It was during this period I was introduced to David Drake, a dynamic, highly motivated individual, with a hunger for success and an unrivalled energy for making great things happen. The ideal business partner had been found, the shared vision was realised and connecting our skillsets we went to work.

The twelve month franchise pilot has now concluded with exceptional results, surpassing all previous stand alone franchise experiences, we are now extremely well placed to offer our RDS Franchise model to self-motivated individuals, who are seeking the opportunity for change and who have the hunger and potential to build an incredible business, leading to financial independence and a lifestyle many only dream of enjoying.

Our shared emphasis at RDS isn’t just about building a business, it’s about building people. Indeed at RDS we are passionate about making a difference and convinced that putting people first, including employees, clients, franchisees and strategic partners is the most effective way of developing a long-term, financially rewarding business.

We view our franchisees as business partners, integral to the success of the business, we value the opinion, perspective and voice of each franchisee and respect the value and worth of each individual.

If you want to be heard, valued and afforded the respect you deserve as a franchise business owner, then why not join the team.

David and I are available anytime for a no obligation discussion, feel free to reach out, it could be the most important call you ever make.